Obama the Entertainer

November 1, 2008

Per our earlier post expressing the expectation that this campaign was about the electorate wanting to be entertained, it does indeed seem that Big ‘O’ has wrapped it up. The Wall Street Journal says that O’s 30 minute special outgunned the regular programming it replaced by 10%. But if you watch that special you’ll see it isn’t so, well, special. It’s boring. And that’s important.

So the numbers say that O will get about 10% more than MC. Cool. That’ll be something like 46% Obama, 42% McCain. Or so. (Where to the numbers come from: well, check out the blog title.)

Congrats, O.

But it’ll be a boring 4 years, I suppose.


McCain’s Palin’ Around: Success?

October 14, 2008

Suppositio.us is still pretty bed-bound depressed. It’s a mood thing. But this needs to be done. Suppositio.us is predicting expecting that the most entertaining of the presidential/vice-presidential candidates will win. And to understand exactly what that means look here: Saturday Night Live – Palin / Hillary Open – Video – NBC.com, Saturday Night Live – Couric / Palin Open – Video – NBC.com, and VP Debate Open: Palin/Biden. The only unknown is whether the current election process will let us elect Palin directly.

I’m not talking about Steve Jobs, yet. But what would you do if you knew, somewhere around July 26th, 2008 – your company was fully valued in a fully valued market. Keep it simple. Ask that question. Then go back to “Apple’s Culture of Secrecy”. So what do you suppose?

Now, Suppositio.us is used to flying off the handle, but how can Forbes have *two* richest men in America? My money’s on Warren Buffet, but didn’t I read somewhere that Bill Gates might still be? The latest news stories all say WB wins. But here’s the story: Who convinced BG not to work so hard? Who *gave* money to BG to spend, so that he’d be distracted? So what does this say about WB? New book: Snowball.

Meanwhile, is it possible for the vice-presidential candidate to be elected *president*? Maybe we’ll find out.