3 items: buy apple, stage fright, fear of death

February 3, 2010


Buy Apple (about 200 right now). In five years it will double (read closely) either two or three times. If you’re following suppositio.us for stock and investment advice and need a slightly lower beta, buy Google. Similar performance, but slightly less risk.


One of suppositio.us’s close readers pointed out that this blog is a little tight, that is, it could be looser. Agreed. Their diagnosis: stage fright. Even though suppositio.us does performance art and poetry readings, etc., it is to be agreed with. Yes. It will be fixed.


The best indicator of very long term performance of Apple stock is the amount of credit Steve Jobs gives to others. If you find him to be more genorous with praise, then he is building for the future: a company that will outlast him. That would be a very, very good thing.