Scoble’s very noble, but are we up to it?

August 17, 2006

Robert Scoble, former Microsoft corporate blogger and currently an A-list blogger (see: Scobleizer) working independently (and also developing some other things, of course) has offered to link to anyone leaving a good reason for linking and, he wrote, (See? The shift key does have a purpose!) “LEAVE YOUR URL … HERE!” (Caps and other emphasis ours)

So good ol’ Sup’ just left a quick note here (comment 47). Check it out and see if there are any URL’s in that note. See? Smart? Prob not. And it would have been so easy. “Coulda been a contenda,” indeed.

Shoulda written:

Scoble, thanks. Take a look at my vain, but feeble attempts at humor. And keep lookin’ in, ’cause We ( IS a contenda!

But that didn’t happen, did it?

No, guess not. But the comments aren’t closed yet, apparently. Try again? What could it hurt?