3 items: buy apple, stage fright, fear of death

February 3, 2010


Buy Apple (about 200 right now). In five years it will double (read closely) either two or three times. If you’re following suppositio.us for stock and investment advice and need a slightly lower beta, buy Google. Similar performance, but¬†slightly less risk.


One of suppositio.us’s close readers pointed out that this blog is a little tight, that is, it could be looser. Agreed. Their diagnosis: stage fright. Even though suppositio.us does performance art and poetry readings, etc., it is to be agreed with. Yes. It will be fixed.


The best indicator of very long term performance of Apple stock is the amount of credit Steve Jobs gives to others. If you find him to be more genorous with praise, then he is building for the future: a company that will outlast him. That would be a very, very good thing.


Buy Apple now.

October 19, 2008

Here’s a chart.

This chart tells me it’s time to PREDICT!

That comment about the most entertaining president/vice-president pair being elected, that wasn’t a prediction. THIS is a prediction:

Buy Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) at Friday’s closing ($97.40) and you will double your money within two years.¬†

Why? Look at the chart linked above. The three lines scraping along the bottom are the National Association of Securitites Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ), the Dow Jones Industrials (DJI), Standard and Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). The line just *below* Apple is Google (GOOG).

So, what, is Suppositio.us a chartist? Is the past a reliable indicator of future performance? No, and, I think, yes. In the past, Suppositio.us has recommened Apple stock to friends and relatives, giving dates and expected profits. They’ve worked out very well. This is one of those, but this time, it’s for everyone.

And I suppose that means YOU.

Is that a Mac in your pocket?

July 31, 2006

MacSlash reports that they’re starting to wonder if they should start supposing that Apple (the computer company, not the Beatles’ music company) will release an Apple-branded cell phone. Not us.

Very Suppositious supposes, verily, verily, that Apple (tcc, ntBmc) will release a cel computer, although exactly how soon is a little problematical. If there were only some gargantuan services company that could do all the calculations for Apple, they could just shrug off the internals of the computer, and just make a mint with cells. My uncle was a cells-man.

But Steve Jobs would probably want an Apple (tcc, ntBmc) Network of some kind. Geez, we just remembered: it could be a virtual network carved out of the existing cel and wireless networks! Wow!

So, we can suppose that almost the minute Bill Gates leaves the computer business, it starts being truly inventive again…

Gates wasn’t exactly the life of the party was he? It’s like storm clouds or something. Who was it that invented FUD? Oh, Gene Ahmdahl, according to Wikipedia (good enough for us). About IBM. And, later, MS… Well, LSMFT, eh? All three seem to be carcinogenic… Wait! we take that back! IBM seems to be curing cancer these days. We just checked out Netscape and found this story. And Bill Gates has left the room. He’s curing cancer, too. And Lucky Strike? Well, that’s so well known it requires no comment, we think.

But back to Apple (tcc, ntBmc). Isn’t it about time for the Beatles to sue them again? Or will their stock (symbol: AAPL) just keep moving up the charts?

Up the charts, if you ask us. Right into cell heaven.